jpcache is a lightweight, full page caching app for PHP, used to
    reduce server-load by generating pages less often.
    It also gzips content which results in around 80% in traffic-saving. 
    You can choose to store your cached files in a directory or in a database.
    - Full page caching.
    - When not modified since last visit, sends 304 response
    - When modified or first visit, sends gzipped content if possible, 
      else uncompressed content
    - You can choose between file or MySQL based storage, or adapt the
      template for your own storage system, like dbm.
  Sites using jpcache:
    - Source Forge
    - Namespedia
    - Hubble Site
    - Web Directory UK

    - PHP4.1.0+ with Zlib enabled
    - MySQL when using the sql-version etc.

  Download: jpcache